the Last Living Slut: Born in Iran, Bred Backstage by Roxana Shirazi (2010)

Sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. Roxana is a groupie, loving and hating the musicians she hangs out with. The autobiography of Roxana starts all innocently in Tehran and ends up in all kinds of sexual escapades backstage.

This is definitely a book that should be read in places where no people go. The book is full of sex and dirty (yet censored) pictures. The chapters have titles like Her cunt gripped him like a warm friendly hand and Have you guys ever double-penetrated a girl? I asked gently. I didn’t want to shock them. This book is written to shock, but for me, the most shocking part was the description of her sexual experiences from early childhood. I have no desire to read about how five year olds get excited by playing with their cousins, thank you very much. Yet I liked her childhood memories the best, maybe it is because they focus on something more than just sex.

Roxana story is not glamorous, I felt really sorry for her. And not to spoil anything, I was relieved when she had to spend some time at a mental institution. But she is brave, naming bands and people she slept with. I’m just glad she didn’t sleep with any of my favourite bands.