Notes on a Scandal by Zoë Heller (2003)

A female teacher, Sheba, is having a sexual relationship with her fifteen year old student. After being arrested she is living together with a former colleague from the same school, Barbara. Barbara is secretly writing a true account of the affair, starting with the day Sheba arrived at the school.

What was she thinking? Barbara is doing a marvellous job putting together the story of the scandal. She didn’t treat Sheba well when she started teaching at the school, and she is certainly jealous of everyone around Sheba. When the scandal of the relationship surfaces, the media is making fun of Sheba, her husband refuses her to see her children but Barbara moves in with Sheba and takes care of her.

The film version was really intense, if I remember it correctly. I didn’t find the book as intense, but it was an interesting read.