the Island by Victoria Hislop (2005)

An English girl of Greek descendant goes on vacation to Crete, unaware of the fact that the island’s former leper colony played a major role in her family’s past. She meets an old friend of the family who tells her the secrets that her mother had been keeping locked up ever since moving away.

I almost threw the book away at page 8 when reading “How can I be twenty-five and so hopelessly uncertain of the future? she had asked herself as she packed her bag for the trip. Here I am, in a flat I don’t own, about to take a holiday from a job I don’t like with a man I hardly care about. What’s wrong with me?” Luckily the book is not about the girl and her hardships in the beginning, but about her great-grandmother being sent to a leper colony and the daughters that she had to leave behind in the small Cretan village.

It could easily been a tragic story, but it’s not. The story continues with the daughters and their dramas and then goes on to the story of the girl’s mother. I liked the story, yet it was too predictable. I also felt that the beginning and the end did not correspond with the main story.

It was an okay read, but I doubt I will remember it in a couple of weeks.