Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Truman Capote (1958)

“The instant she saw the letter she squinted her eyes and bent her lips in a tough tiny smile that advanced her age immeasurably. ‘Darling,’ she instructed me, ‘would you reach in the drawer there and give me my purse. A girl doesn’t read this sort of thing without her lipstick.’
Guided by a compact mirror, she powdered, painted every vestige of twelve-year-old out of her face. She shaped her lips with one tube, coloured her cheeks from another. She pencilled the rims of her eyes, blued the lids, sprinkled her neck with 4711; attached pearls to her ears and donned her dark glasses; thus armoured, and after a displeased appraisal of her manicure’s shabby condition, she ripped open the letter and let her eyes race through it while her stony small smile grew smaller and harder.”

Holly Golightly, Travelling is written on her mailbox. Men are always coming and going into her apartment. The narrator is stunned by her appearance and intrigued by her crazy life.

I loved every word of it which is why it took me over a week to read the hundred pages. The next film I will watch is definitely the adaptation of the book.