At the Edge of Light by Maria Peura (2005)

Kristina, 12, lives in a small town on the Finnish-Swedish border in 1979. She knows more dead people than alive. Almost all were suicides. Those who are left are barely alive, drinking too much and looking for ways to escape the village. She has a boyfriend, Kari, and they spend their time smoking, drinking and hoping that the train would run them over when walking on the tracks.

Such a dark, twisted novel and very typical Finland. The mix between real world and Kristina’s imagination was confusing, same with the mix of past and present. I probably should read it one more time, maybe things get less confusing then. What I do know is that the writing was definitely very good in the beginning and then it all got really confusing, and guessing the end was easy. But Maria Peura has a lot of potential, and I will definitely be reading books by her in the future.