twenty-five, twenty-six: short stories

Miss Marple: the 13 Problems by Agatha Christie (1932)

Miss Marple and some friends gather for dinner parties where they take turn presenting a mystery to the others. It is 13 short stories that all are connected but can be read as just one short story. The guests are very much surprised every time Miss Marple guesses who the murderer is. She claims that living in a small village all her life has made her an expert on human psychology and relations and often finds similarities in the cases to her small village.

I love Miss Marple, having read all the other books previously. And I cannot believe that I have yet to guess who is the murderer in Agatha’s works, she is too clever for me. This will be a summer devoted to Mr. Poirot.

Dubliners by James Joyce (1914)

This is a collection of short stories that are snippets from ordinary people’s lives, out and about in the streets of Dublin.

In the beginning it was hard for me to just read 20 pages and then go on to the next story. I wasn’t used to have to take a pause and ponder over what I just read before continuing. I learnt to read more patiently and finally managed to get into the atmospheres of the stories. Because there is a lot of atmospheres and beautiful writing. And Joyce was a master of describing characters and settings. My favourite story was Eveline, where a girl had to decide between staying with a bleak future in Dublin or running off to Buenos Aires with her lover. I need to read more Joyce.