twenty, twenty-one.

White Fang (1903) and the Call of the Wild (1906) by Jack London

One book, two novels. White Fang is follows a wolf pup of some dog heritage from he is born in the wild and tamed by men. While the Call of the Wild is about a dog being kidnapped from his home in California, brought into the Canadian Arctic and turns his back to men in favour of wolves. White Fang is a detailed description of how the nature works and how interactions between animals, and also between men and animals can shape the animals. The morale is if you treat someone badly, they will be bad and if you treat someone well, they will be good.

Having read the stories and seen the films as a kid, I was surprised how brutal the stories actually are. Most of White Fang is a bloody fight after one another with always someone being slashed in the end. While the Call of the Wild went in the opposite direction, from good to violent. I liked how the stories were narrated by the animals themselves, rather from a human perspective. Thanks to the amazing description of the Arctic, I’m already missing home after one day in the south.