12.21 by Dustin Thomason (2012)
A prion virus that causes insomnia is being spread in Los Angeles. It was first discovered on a patient who sold an ancient Maya codex to a middleman who also gets infected. The Maya expert, and also of Mayan descent, Chel  Manu, gets her hands on the codex and is also used as a translator for the dying patient. Together with the prion expert Dr Stanton, they try to find a connection between the Maya codex and the virus.

As probably most people are aware of, the Maya calendar ends on the 21st of December 2012. And some people interpret it to mean that the world is going to end. Needless to say that I just had to read this before that happens.

The plot is the same as always in the genre: a problem – man and woman try to solve it – man falls for woman – throw in a few obstacles along the way –  then saves her and the world before they live happily ever after. The writing is the same too: focuses on the science and action and hardly any dialogue or reflections. Just the perfect easy read I needed. And just as forgettable.