Possession: A Romance by A.S. Byatt (1990)

An academic finds a letter from a famous male Victorian poet to another poet. He seeks expertise from a female academic who also happens to be related to the female poet. Together they unravel a correspondence which turns into obsession. But other academics are also on the hunt for the new information that could change everything.

I was definitely the wrong reader for this book. I don’t have the patience to read and analyse poetry (words that probably never should be said by an English teacher) and I actually skipped a lot of the poems that probably make this book meaningful. I liked some parts of the book, the parts that dealt with the present and some of the past, but I skimmed a lot as it got to the end.

For people who like poetry, mythology, the Victorian period and romance this is probably the perfect book, but if you have no particular interest in these things this is not the book for you (and me).