goodbye to Shetland.

37638204Wild Fire by Ann Cleeves (2018)

The final book in the Shetland series, Wild Fire, starts off with a family of newcomers who receives threatening drawings of a hangman. It turns out that the former owner hanged himself after they purchased the property. And then, another hanged body is found  on their property. Jimmy Perez and his team are on the case.

Eight and final book finished. I obsessed over the first four books in the series and really wished the series would end after book 4. So 4 books overdue, I’m glad it’s over for Perez. And it’s not because I dislike them. But something changed after book 4 – they were easily read and just as easily forgotten. Maybe the material was stretched too thin. Maybe Perez became too sullen and too much in the background. And perhaps that is why I’m feeling bittersweet about finishing the series; I want to remember Perez and his team on Shetland as they were when I first met them.

Ann Cleeves is also the author of the Vera series, and both series have been written at the same time. And I feel that the Vera series is getting better by the book, so I hope that the author will continue that series for a long time.

I strongly recommend you to read both the Shetland and Vera series, and watch them on the screen as well!


2 thoughts on “goodbye to Shetland.

  1. Notert! Kun de 4 første. Gi blaffen i resten. Lese Vera.
    Hater når serier daler. Har det litt sånn med Bosch for tida. Blodfan etter de 10 første, men de siste 4-5 har vært vekslende.


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