24in48 readathon!

My weekend is fully booked! I’ve decided to participate in this week’s #24in48 readathon.

Starting at midnight Saturday, European Central Time, so I don’t have to read into early Monday morning.

This will be my readathon-diary.

To be continued!

Part one:

00.00-03.00 am Saturday: I was ready when the clock struck midnight. I decided to continue with the non-fiction Havlandet; about the seas surrounding Norway and fisheries. I managed two chapters in 75 minutes before I switched. I needed something light and fast-pacing and found the latest book in the Shetland series by Ann Cleeves; Wild Fire. 15 chapters done by 3 am and time for bed.

Part two:

10-11 am Saturday: I needed to go to the mall, so decided to try out an audiobook. My chosen one is I’ll Be Gone in the Dark by Michelle McNamara. As the bus took an hour, I got a good start, but my brain is too scattered for all those names and details. Luckily, I have it on Kindle as well, so I might have to switch to that later today.

Part three:

1.15-3.15 pm Saturday: 14 more chapters more in Wild Fire. It is hard to find a comfortable position and my body longs for movement. Needed a long nap and doing something completely different after. Let’s see if I can catch up on the reading in the evening.

Part four:

9.30 pm Saturday to 00.30 am Sunday: 24 hours have passed since I started. Nine hours of reading done. My brain is pretty much on fire, fuelled by beers for the past three hours. I made a good dent in Satanic Verses and have 50 pages left of Havlandet. Now I’m going to read until my eyes turn raw and my head drops.

The first 24 hours in #24in48

Part 4, continued:

Read until 3.30 am. Finished Wild Fire, the final book in the Shetland series. Will write about it later. Only have two chapters left of Havlandet. Slept until noon, so in order to complete the challenge I need to read for 12 hours straight. And that is not happening. My plan is to finish Havlandet at some point today. And then we’ll see how many hours I have clocked at midnight. Superstoked about having read for 12 hours in 27!

Part 5:

3.30 pm to 4.30 pm Sunday. Finished Havlandet. An important book about the seas surrounding Norway and fisheries. Beautiful pictures and lots of information. I’m a superslow non-fiction reader.

Part 6:

6.30 pm to 8.30 pm Sunday. Continued reading in the Satanic Verses. I think I can count on my hands the number of pages I fully comprehended. My poor brain is spinning with the gibberish, but rich language of Rushdie. I might squeeze in one more hour, but it’s already past 9 and I can hear the bed calling. But all in all, 15 hours of reading is amazing!


15 hours and two finished books. I had a bookhangover for days. Overall, I’m satisfied with day 1, but day 2 was not good enough. Maybe I’m too old for a weekend of reading? Will I do it again? Time will tell. I’m having my eyes fixed on the Dewey’s 24 hour Readthon on 6th of April – so far it looks like an empty weekend in between travelling, so it’s a possibility.


The new #currentlyreading #bookstack after the readathon.

4 thoughts on “24in48 readathon!

  1. Hvordan går det med lesingen så langt? Jeg begynner noen timer for sent, men er klar til å starte nå. Trodde startskuddet gikk klokken seks i ettermiddag, ikke i dagmorges.


  2. Betyr dette at du skal lese 24t av 48? 1 time av, 1 time på. Kjenner at jeg i teorien er fristet selv om jeg vet at jeg ikke ville fått til. Prøvde meg den gangen (2011?) Labben arrangerte og det var ikke så så enormt mange sidene jeg fikk lest. Hele Disgrace, hvis jeg husker riktig, men ikke noe mer..


    1. Ja. Men det er mer sånn 2 timer på, 5 timer av. Tviler sterkt på at jeg klarer det, men på den andre siden så leser jeg sjeldent mer enn en time om dagen.


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