the dragon’s mist.

the Buried Giant by Kazuo Ishiguro (2015)
 “Yet are you so certain, good mistress, you wish to be free of this mist? Is it not better some things remain hidden from our minds?”
“It may be for some, father, but not for us. Axl and I wish to have again the happy moments we shared together. To be robbed of them is as if a thief came in the night and took what’s most precious from us.”
“Yet the mist covers all memories, the bad as well as the good. Isn’t that so, mistress?”
“We’ll have the bad ones come back too, even if they make us weep or shake with anger. For isn’t it the life we’ve shared?” 

Beatrice and Axl set out to visit their son in a neighbouring village.  The way to the village is dangerous as it is filled with ogres, bandits and other foul creatures. They spend a night in a Saxon village which is on guard as some villagers have just been attacked by ogres. When they are leaving, they’re asked to take a young boy, Edwin, with them as he has been bitten by a strange creature and the villagers banish him. A warrior, Wistan, also follows them to ensure that they will be safe.

Axl has lately been concerned about that they seem to have forgotten most of their lives. Whilst they are travelling he learns that the memory losses are caused by the shedragon’s breath which is also the reason for the misty valleys. He also learns that both Wistan and Lord Gawain, who they also meet, have been given the roles as dragonslayers. And after a lot of twists and turns, Beatrice and Axl find themselves at the dragon’s lair.

The book is certainly different from what I have been reading lately, and it’s refreshing. It has the perfect amount of fantasy for me, which means just a dash, and I love books about travelling. It was certainly an unexpected book from Ishiguro. I’m also curious about whether it will be nominated to any prizes this year. I certainly hope so, but I know that there are many books coming out this year by excellent authors like Margaret Atwood, Jonathan Franzen, Louis de Bernières and more, so it will be a tough competition.   

4 thoughts on “the dragon’s mist.

  1. Kommer Franzen med ny bok?? Roman?
    Har ennå ikke kommet meg etter Freedom – fantastisk!

    Ishiguro er en overraskende mann, og til tross for at jeg var advart (av Clementines innlegg) om at denne boka ikke var typisk, ble jeg likevel tatt på senga. Jeg likte den, men drev for mye detektivarbeid underveis, og gjettet helt feil på ting. Slutten var vakker, og for meg plutselig, skulle ønske den var anderledes, men da hadde den selvfølgelig ikke vært like vakker.


  2. Jepp, til høsten. Det er bare å vente i spenning. Slutten var aldeles nydelig. Jeg fikk en Brødrene Løvehjerte blandet med Hobbiten følelse av hele boka.


  3. Brødrene Løvehjerte blandet med Hobbiten høres særdeles lovende ut. Ishiguro er også en av mine favorittforfattere, så jeg blir veldig overrasket dersom denne skuffer.


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