psycho bitch.

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn (2012)
Nick Dunne comes home on the day of his 5th anniversary to find the door wide open, the living room in disarray and no trace of his wife, Amy.  What has happened to her? The police quickly find evidence of foul play, and they also react to Nick’s bizarre behaviour. Would you be smiling if your wife was missing?

Nick is desperate to prove that he is innocent, but every time he uncovers a new clue, it all leads back to him. In between Nick’s narratives there are diary entries from Amy from the time they first met and until things started to fall apart. And then BOOM! Plot twist.

The plot twist is what I liked best about the book, and the ending is certainly the worst. So… pointless? I had to see the film right away in case they had done something better concerning the ending, but no. I really enjoyed the film, but the book is perhaps slightly better as you get more insight and it’s interesting to read the diary. I’m also disappointed that they cut off the part with that crazy stalker chic from the film.  Another thing that really irked me about the book was the overuse of fucking bitch . I did a search on my Kindle, and bitch has been used 82 and fucking 99 times. I mean, I get it, but some variation? Please. But, nevertheless, nothing is better than reading a fast-paced mystery when you’re in need of a little escapism, and I have the two previous novels of Flynn saved on my Kindle for a rainy day.

“I can’t recall a single amazing thing I have seen first hand that I didn’t immediately reference to amp is of a TV show. You know the awful singsong the blasé: Seeeen it. I’ve literally seen it all, and the worst thing, the thing that makes me want to blow my brains out, is: The secondhand experience is always better. The image is crisper, the view is keener, the camera angle and soundtrack manipulate my emotions in a way reality can’t anymore. I don’t know that we are actually human at this point, those of us who are like most of us, who grew up with TV and movies and now the Internet. If we are betrayed, we know the words to say; when a loved one dies, we know the words to say. If we want to play the stud or the smart-ass or the fool, we know the words to say. We are all working from the same dog-eared script.

4 thoughts on “psycho bitch.

  1. Hmmm, kanskje jeg skal se filmen likevel. Hvis du sier den var bra? Har også lagt klar flere Flynnbøker – for a rainy day, til tross for at jeg var negativt innstilt på forhånd, var underholdningsfaktoren stor. Og for å obscur-e plottet litt – psycho husband!


  2. Den er bra, men kanskje vente litt til boka har gått mer i glemmeboken? Er for lett å irritere seg over ting som er tatt ut når man just har lest boka. De andre Flynn skal visst være mye mørkere, og det er noe for oss. Så forresten at amazon har et forslag til meg til perfekt crime&punishment bok; et skandaløst nonnekloster som Vatikanet måtte ordne opp i og stemple hemmelig (og ja, jeg har utvidet biosirkelen din til non-fiction. Hah!)


  3. Jeg har faktisk lest (hørt) alt Flynn har skrevet, og kan bekrefte at alt samme her helt perfekt til regnværsdager og perioder med lite leselyst. Man må bare bedøve den logiske sansen litt på forhånd.

    Forøvrig elsker jeg slutten på Gone Girl, men tror jeg er i et kraftig mindretall. Kjedet meg helt fram til plotttwisten (forutså den, og brukte veldig mye tid på å bare…vente), men synes resten var kjempegøy.


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