The Cuckoo’s Calling by J.K Rowling (2013)
(As Robert Galbraith)
A famous model, Lula Landry, fell off her balcony and the inquest ruled suicide. Her brother, John Bristow, is convinced that his adopted sister, despite having a mental illness, never would have killed herself. He hires the private detective Cormoran Strike to investigate the case.

Strike is an ex-military with just one leg after a landmine blew off the other. The detective business is not making much money and his creditor is constantly on his back. Still he hires a temp to do his secretary work, Robin. And together they make a brilliant detective couple.

After finding out that J. K. Rowling wrote this, I instantly bought it on the Kindle. And I instantly fell in love. Her characters are amazing and I just love Strike and Robin. I also like how she manages to describe the layers of the society, from the rich skinny models to the homeless. And the solution of the murder is just crazy. I also like how this is one of those old-fashioned types of a crime story, its style reminded me of Agatha Christie.

And finally, it’s a perfect portrait of London and as I’m there right now, just a stone’s throw away from the streets described, it was a perfect read on my way to London.  I hope that Rowling will continue with the series despite the raised expectations from being found to be the author.

2 thoughts on “thirty-seven.

  1. You should read it! The English isn't very difficult, I'm planning to recommend it to a couple of my 15-year old students who like crime and mystery and have a good understanding of English. I'm also sure it will be translated into Italian soon 🙂


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