all the books i never finished in may

For some unknown reason I have only finished one book this month. I know I still have four days to go, but I doubt I will finish another one.

The main reason is that I have had a difficult time picking the right book. All required a lot of philosophical thinking or guessing and my brain couldn’t cope.  the Book of Disquiet which is supposed to be one of the best books ever, went back to the shelf after a couple of weeks where I really tried. Same with the Flood. I didn’t even make it halfway through the prologue. And then there was Loving, which I had high hopes for, but thanks to the entire book is written in bloody dialogue, I couldn’t.

Then there are the books I started, but haven’t given up on yet. Portrait of a Lady has been my nemesis this month. It never ends! According to Kindle, both part I and II is over 600 pages long. Only 200 more pages to go. And because I’m a stubborn bitch, I rather struggle with that one, instead of giving the Twins a good, long, deserved reading. I have high hopes for that one. Why do I even bother to attempt to read the Second World War? I know I started because that’s what I’m currently teaching the kids, but soon school’s out. Will I continue? Only time will tell. I finished the Red Room on Friday, so naturally I had to find a new book to read. I landed on Tender is the Night because the world is again crazy about Fitzgerald. After reading about the Sisterhood, it went straight to the top of the books to read next list, mainly because I need something light as my head is full of Victorian ladies, war and about 200 papers to grade in the next weeks. Hopefully my reading mind is in a better mood before I turn to To the Lighthouse when the summer holiday begins.

But at least May was a good month for buying more books. About 20 books found a new safe home, and I also downloaded a lot of free books to my Kindle for the next time I decide on something crazy as reading classics.

And then the big question is, as always, what to read next? (Yes, all these books are unread. Also: find 5 things which aren’t made of paper)

One thought on “all the books i never finished in may

  1. I love your bookshelves! I have at least that many on my TBR shelves as well…I like having them to hand when the mood strikes 🙂
    Glad to see you finished some of the books in this list, but I agree that sometimes you just need to give up on something and try again someday when you're in the right mental space for it.


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