Norwegian by Night by Derek Miller (2013)
Sheldon Horowitz is an 82 year old Korea veteran American Jew who has come to Norway to be taken care of by his granddaughter Rhea. Rhea and her boyfriend, Lars, live in an apartment block in Tøyen and one day after they have gone out, Sheldon witnesses the murder of their Serbian neighbour and has to escape with her son.
The title caught my attention and in the beginning it was interesting to read a book set in Norway and see what a foreigner would make of our country. But the more I read, the more annoyed I got. First of all, the plot is really weak. At any point, Sheldon could have just gone to the police, and the reasons why he didn’t make no sense. But my main beef with the novel is Sheldon himself, and especially Sheldon’s flashbacks and imaginary friends who didn’t do anything for the story. A contester for the most annoying narrator I have come across prize. And finally, all the loose ends. Why did the Kosovars want the kid? And what exactly was the link back to the Balkan wars?  

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