Touch by Alexi Zentner (2011)
 Stephen is returning back to his home town, the remote Sawgamet in British Vancouver during the second world war.  His mother is dying, and it brings back memories from his father and grandfather. His grandfather founded Sawgamet and the story about how he survived the first winter alone in the woods, is one of the many strange stories that Stephen has heard through the years.
His father died when Stephen was 10, trying to save his sister who went through the ice on the river. At the same time, his grandfather, Jeannot, returned after being absent since his wife died when Stephen’s dad was a baby. His grandfather tells him that he has come back to wake his wife from the dead.
The story has haunted me for the couple of days since I read it. I simply fell in love with its prose and the story is magical and sad. I really enjoy these stories where the nature plays an important role. And the mythical creatures were haunting, but luckily they didn’t give me nightmares. Still I wouldn’t want to meet a qallupiluit out in the woods, but I might be able to tackle a mahaha. 
Strange and beautiful with a mesmerising cover. Read it!

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