Telling Tales by Ann Cleeves (2005)
A teenager, Abigail,  was murdered and found by her best friend, Emma. The girlfriend of Abigail’s father, Jeanie, was convicted for the murder, but claimed her innocence until the day she hanged herself in the prison cell ten years later, not knowing that a witness had just come forward and the case was to be reopened. Vera Stanhope is sent down to Yorkshire to look at the case with fresh eyes.
My second meeting with Vera and it was definitely much better than the first one. This time I felt that I got to know Vera somewhat. I also liked how it was narrated by different persons, but mainly Emma and Jeanie’s father, and Vera of course.
I have already started on the next Vera book, just the easy reads I need right now as I seem to be tired of the harder reads waiting for me. I’m also super excited and nervous about the new Shetland book coming out later this month. I thought that the last book, Blue Lightening, was brilliant, but also very conclusive, so I’m curious to see what brings Jimmy back.

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