the Bat by Jo Nesbø (1997)
 Harry Hole is in Sydney, Australia to help the Australian police investigate a rape and murder of a young Norwegian girl. The body was found by the sea, probably thrown from the cliffs above, and the body was clean. Harry Hole is teamed up with Andrew Kensington, an Aboriginal police man. The case is difficult because there are few leads to go on.

This is the first book about Harry Hole and it has been on my reading list for some years now, and finally I got around to pick it up at the airport before Christmas.  I wasn’t impressed at all by the first chapter and it took a while before I enjoyed the book.

What I really liked was the way Nesbø has used a lot of Australian history and especially the history of the Aboriginal peoples and especially their myths.  I’m not sure what I think of Harry Hole himself. I guess I need to read another book to form a picture of him.

I will put Jo Nesbø on the list of books to look for in second hand stores as I don’t think they are worth the ridiculous price of new books in Norway. And I do prefer second hand books anyway.

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