Girl With Green Eyes by Edna O’Brien (1962)
 (also published as the Lonely Girl)
Kate and Baba are still working in Dublin, dirt poor and out to find boys. Kate meets a much older gentleman, Eugene. Eugene is a film maker, lives on an estate, and worse; Protestant and divorced. Kate falls head over heels and starts to sleep over and eventually moves in. Something her drunken father isn’t pleased to find out about.

The second book in the Country trilogy and I liked this one much more than the first one. This is wittier and has more action. And I liked the sexual awakening of Kate and her journey from a innocent young Catholic to a lover. However, I didn’t like how little Baba appeared in this one as she’s always hilarious and I love her and her standard-phrase to Kate; you’re a right looking eejit. 

I’m eagerly waiting for the final book in the trilogy to show up in my mailbox and I have put more books by Edna O’Brien on my wish list.

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