school’s out!

And the long summer holiday is ahead. It will be spent in aeroplanes, trains, buses, cars, boats and hotels in Iceland, USA and Canada. Not sure how much time will be spent reading. I’m taking one book, the Secret History by Donna Tartt which is the next one in Line’s 1001 challenge, and my Kindle with me and will try not to fill up my suitcase with books. But I definitely buy books as souvenirs so I will come home with quite a few I’m guessing.

I’m currently reading Anna Karenina which is to be written about tomorrow in Line’s 1001 challenge. I’m also reading a long (909 pages) and very confusing book from a Faroese author, but haven’t opened in weeks, and a short book from an El Salvadorian author but it’s written in direct speech and it’s really annoying to read. But both books are from such exotic places that I can’t give them up. 

I guess what I’m trying to say is that if my booklog seems quiet, it is because I’m somewhere on the road. I have made a travelogue, an ache for distant places, so hopefully I can turn it into something interesting.

Happy summer everyone!

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