the Moonstone by Wilkie Collins (1868)
Rachel is given an enormous diamond, named the Moonstone, on her birthday, inherited from her uncle. The diamond was originally stolen from an Indian shrine and there are three suspicious looking Indians in the neighbourhood. And then on the night after the birthday bash, the diamond is nowhere to be found and the police is called in.

The police is quick to discover that it must have been an inside job, and then the eminent police detective Sergeant Cuff, with a very peculiar interest for roses, is put on the case. He soon realises that a servant girl, Rosanna, along with Rachel, are hiding something about the case.

The Moonstone is said to be the first detective mystery and I absolutely loved it. It has the perfect whodunnit-plot and so many twists and turns. I really liked how it had different narrators with some very interesting personalities, depending on where the diamond was believed to be. The characters are also interesting, although Rachel really annoyed me with her behaviour, but I guess that was how girls in the 1800s were supposed to act. I especially loved the steward and main narrator (at least in my eyes), Gabriel Betteredge, and his love and use of Robinson Crusoe. I definitely need to read that one soon.

And I’d never thought that opium would be used to solve a case. I loved it.

This was April’s book in Line’s 1001 books challenge. To see what other Norwegians have said about it, go here.    

4 thoughts on “twenty-five.

  1. Herlig innlegg, nå ble jeg inspirert til å lese boken selv. Whodunnit-plott med mange tvister er midt i blinken for meg, og det blir bare enda bedre med litterære referanser og 1800-tallssetting.


  2. Fin omtale!

    Jeg ble helt forelska i Betteredge, selvom jeg ble plaget av aldri så lite dårlig samvittighet hver gang han dro fram Crusoe. Jeg tilhører den stakkarslige gruppen mennesker som ikke har lest Crusoe siden jeg var barn. Fysj.


  3. Bra skrevet! Litt treg start på boken, men etterhvert mer og mer spennende! Selv om jeg ikke klarte å bli ferdig i tide, kommer jeg definitivt til å lese ut boken 🙂


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