reading goals 2011: how did it go?

My main goal was to read at least 50 books, something which I did some time this summer, I have readjusted this goal to 75 books and still have 4 to go.

The others were:

  • Read non-fiction, a genre I have ignored as I love fiction, but there is so much to learn from non-fiction books. Non-fiction books I own are King Leopold’s Ghost by Adam Hochschild, Silent Spring by Rachel Carson, Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson, Empires and Barbarians by P. Heather and A Carpet Ride to Khiva by C.A Alexander.
  • I have read some non-fiction, but none I mentioned. What I have read is How I Found Livingstone, Out of Africa, the Lost City of Z and my favourite book this year Atlas of Remote Islands: 50 islands I have not visited and never will. 
  • Read those classics. Many of them have been gathering dust on my bookshelf for years.
  • Some classics has been read, but not as many as planned. I have been stuck in the Karamazov Brothers since October and hopefully I will finish it before the year ends. Kindle and Project Gutenberg have made it easier for me to read the classics. I have really enjoyed some of them, especially Jane Eyre and Frankenstein, while not so much Buddenbrooks.
  • Read contemporary young adult fiction. I need to be able to recommend some books for my students to read. So far, Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli is the only book on my list.
  • I read Stargirl, City of the Beasts, the Emerald Atlas and reread Harry Potter. I tried to push the City of the Beasts and the other books in the series on some of my students but they found the language too difficult. The kids I teach this year is so obviously smarter so I have to try again.
  • Cross off some more books on the 1001 books you should read before you die list. Only 5% complete. The shame! Also work on my life-time goal; read something by every Nobel Prize laureate. 
  • I’m up to 6%! My main problem is that I do not just stick to one list, I use three various lists, but that’s okay. I have also read some more Nobel Prize laureates; Ernest Hemingway (finally), Nadine Gordimer (possibly the worst book of the year), (along with) Thomas Mann.
  • Continue my journey around the world in literature. This year I covered 17 countries.
  • 27 countries so far, so 10 new countries this year. I’m satisfied with how diverse my reading is when it comes to various countries. 
  • Read indigenous authors, and especially from the Arctic.
  • Not achieved. But at least I bought some books.
  • Read the books I own instead of buying new ones. Almost half the books I own are unread, circa 200. 
  • The number of unread books is now over 400, so no. But I only read books I buy. 

I’m satisfied with almost reaching all my goals. I will make new ones for next year, but they will not be very different from these ones.  

3 thoughts on “reading goals 2011: how did it go?

  1. Nå måtte jeg google “Atlas of Remote Islands: 50 islands I have not visited and never will” – den hørtes helt fantastisk ut. Selv om jeg aldri har lest noe lignende.


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