To celebrate that I have bought an apartment and survived the first year of teaching (unless I fail at the finish line this week), I have ordered myself 30 new books. Which is crazy when you look at the list of unread books I have. But I always stumble upon a book or five that I really want to read and buying books online is so easy. I’m quite pleased that I bought books from every continent except Australia.

I have no idea which books I will read this summer, but I have two glorious months of reading ahead of me. Just need to get done with the move and school first.

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  1. Jeg vet det er en veldig lang liste å skrive ned, men jeg blir forferdelig nysgjerrig (og misunnelig) av slike innlegg. Hvilke bøker har du bestilt?

    Det er forresten en ting til som gjør meg nysgjerrig: hva syns du om Frankenstein?


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