Blue Lightning by Ann Cleeves (2010)

Jimmy Perez and his fiancée, Fran, are visiting his parents at Fair Isle, the most remote of the Shetland islands. But his holiday is cancelled when an ornithologist is found murdered at the bird research centre. And the murderer has to be one of the other visitors to the centre. The case is complicated by the stormy weather which means no aeroplanes and boats can reach the island so Perez is alone with the case.

Who’d knew bird-watching could be so exciting and full of intrigues? And for once I actually guessed the murderer and the reason for it and who the next victims would be. I loved the reference to Agatha Christie, because the whole setting definitely reminded me of Poirot.

But this is the first time a thriller has made me tear up. I could say a lot about the reason why, but that would certainly spoil it, so no. Is this the final book about Shetland and Jimmy Perez? I’m torn between hoping no and hoping yes. But I will definitely read more Ann Cleeves.

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