Drømmenes land by Vidar Sundstøl (2008)

Lance Hansen is a forest ranger in Tofte, Minnesota. One day when he is out investigating an illegal camp, he stumbles upon a bloody, naked man. This man is clearly traumatised and is only able to utter one word, love, first in Norwegian, and then in English. And then he discovers the naked body of yet one young Norwegian man.

As most inhabitants on the north shore of Lake Superior, Lance is a descendant of Norwegian (or Swedish) immigrants, and he is also the only person active in the history club in Tofte. While he is not in the investigation which is carried out by FBI and one detective from Norway, he wants to find out if this is the first murder ever in Tofte. And while looking for clues, he also stumbles upon facts that puts him in a difficult position regarding the investigation of the murdered Norwegian.

I chose to read this book strictly because it is about the north shore of Lake Superior and the Norwegian immigration. I was fascinated by all the signs along the road when driving down to Duluth two months ago and it was really interesting reading a novel about the place. A lot of the things I was wondering about were explained in the book and I don’t really care if it is a 100% true or made up.

This book is the first in a trilogy about Lance Hansen, and it ended really abruptly and unlike for a crime novel. It isn’t as thrilling as I expected, but the historical aspect and the characters certainly make up for it. I’m glad I packed the sequel in my baggage.

It hasn’t yet been published in English, but according to the author’s facebook page (first time I ever have looked up an author on facebook), it is under-way. It has been translated into several European languages.

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