Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli (2000)

Stargirl is the new girl at Mica High, Arizona. And she is different. A total freak who wears hippie dresses, plays the ukulele at lunch and gives presents to strangers. And Leo is in love with her.

She is the freak that turns into a popular cheerleader and then to the most unpopular girl at school by cheering on the wrong team. And because Leo is her boyfriend, they turn against him as well and he has to choose between her and them.

A middle aged male American teacher recommended this book to some of our students in Amsterdam last year and I became curious. I started reading it to my English class a month ago, but it took me too long time just to read a couple of pages each lesson so I gave up the idea. Instead I finished it in two hours by myself.

It is a perfect book for teenagers, daring you to be different and to not care what others say about you. It is well-written although I found all the clues that something bad is about to happen a little bit annoying, but for someone in the right age group it will probably make them turn the page faster. I know I would have loved this book when I was 13, and I certainly would have longed to be like Stargirl.

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