the Storyteller’s Market by Gert Nygårdshaug (2008)
(Fortellernes marked)

Eight letters sent from an old priest to a retired veterinarian and a librarian takes them on a voyage through history. The old priest is on a hunt for the truth about Jesus and the creation of Christianity. He writes the letters as mystery hunts, where he gives clues about his next discoveries and the two friends in a small village in Norway manage to follow his discoveries by using literary sources. And what the priest discovers will be a blow to all religions springing from the deserts in the Middle East.

Holy Grail, Templars, Maria Magdalena. Same shit, but definitely new and interesting wrapping. What I really liked about this version is the characters and their surroundings. The retired veterinarian and the librarian love good food and drink, fishing and women. And it is set some time in the near future with global warming. This is not a thriller, no hero being chased by Templars or the Illuminati, and I was actually relieved to discover it. Another thing that I liked was that it isn’t a complicated book and it is easy to follow as the important clues are repeated so I never lost track. And finally, it is in no way a copy of other works about the same theme.

The only thing that is wrong with this book is that it has not been translated to English.

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