the Robber Bride by Margaret Atwood (1993)

A woman, Zenia, who they buried, is seen in broad daylight. None of the 3 friends, Tony, Roz and Charis, are surprised by this. Zenia was after all the face of all evil. She had stolen all of their men, and two of them never came back. Why has she come back? The story goes backwards in time to the time Zenia weaselled her way into their hearts and homes. Zenia is a master of lies, she tells different stories to different people and they all believe her.

The 3 women are very different. Tony is the history geek with a love for war and battles, Charis is new-age and seeing auras, while Roz is the career woman. The thing that brought them together was their hatred for Zenia. The women are strong, the men are weak.

This book didn’t capture me as much as the other books of Atwood. But it was a good read.

3 thoughts on “twenty-two.

  1. Hvilke av bøkene hennes liker du best? Jeg har nettopp kjøpt to, men har aldri lest henne før, og vet egentlig ingenting om henne som forfatter (eller som noe annet for den saks skyld).


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