A Case of Exploding Mangoes by Mohammed Hanif (2008)

This work of fiction is based on the 1988 plane crash that killed the President of Pakistan. Who killed him? Was it the boy who had been arrested a few weeks before for attempting to kill him? Was it the man next in line? The wife? Tapeworms? Or the Americans? Or maybe it was the curse from a jailed blind woman?

This book is a brilliant picture of a corrupt developing country’s army in the 1980s. The paranoia, assassination of enemies of the state, scandals and hope. The way the Americans interfered with developing countries during the Cold War are also portrayed. And there is even a guest appearance of Osama bin Laden. It is a witty tale with a very serious background.

I chose the book because of the title and the cover when it showed up on my Amazon’s recommended for you page. And I’m glad I did.

Speaking of Amazon, I just placed my 14 book-yay-school’s-out-forever-order, which should arrive when I graduate. It has everything from Russian classics, other classics, the beat generation, old and new crime, contemporary fiction and a two volume edition of 1001 tales from Arabian Nights. Looking forward to a summer of reading.

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