Den senile landmåleren by Arto Paasilinna (1991)
(Elämä lyhyt, Rytkönen Pitkä)

Originally written in Finnish, translated to Norwegian, hopefully to English one day. A cabdriver picks up a demented old man one day and together they go on an adventure into the Finnish north. At last, after a lot of drunkenness and debauchery, they end up at farm owned by the old man’s friend from the Winter War. The friend is tired of being a farmer so they plan to leave the farm, but destroy it completely before departure.

Arto Paasilinna is one of my favourite authors. He has written over 30 books, but only a very few are available in other languages than Finnish. I’m therefore seriously thinking about picking up a book in Finnish and read it with a lot of help from my Finnish-English dictionary and grandma as a summer project. The Year of the Hare and the Howling Miller have been published in English and I highly recommend both of them. Paasilinna manages to capture the Finnish people and nature with a touch of magic realism in a brilliant way. And the books are hilarious, yet often have a more serious message between the lines. This man deserves a Nobel Prize in Literature!

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