Foucault’s Pendulum by Umberto Eco (1988)

This is without a doubt the hardest book I have ever read. I almost gave up after the first twenty pages as it was just a bunch of weird names and references. I have never googled more while reading a book and the impressive thing is that everything is correct. How Umberto Eco was able to write this book, I can’t even imagine.

What is it about? I’d say everything. It is about three men working at a publishing house that hear a strange story concerning the Templars and then decide to look into it. And then they realise that there is a universal master plan that various secret orders are still looking for. This book manages to connect everything from the Crusaders to Hitler. It is confusing and demands a lot from the reader. I don’t think I ever have learnt so much from reading something that is pure fiction. It is one of those books that I need to reread after reading a 1000 more books.

I loved Lia, the narrator’s wife who had the most down-to-earth answers to the conspiracies. The part where she compares magic numbers to orifices in the human body is simply brilliant.

What I really didn’t like about this book, was that a lot of it was in in other languages. With it being sources, I do understand why, but it just made it more confusing. I might have missed something significant because I cannot understand Italian or French. But that is my only complaint.

I can’t wait until I get home to my bookshelves so I can read the Name of the Rose by the same author.

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